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First comes oils...then comes rocks!  What a beautiful marriage.

So this is where the rock obsession began!  On a family vacation to Angel Fire, NM with a little day trip to Taos, we visited a local rock shop there where I received "the sign."  The sign and inspiration to reach out to family members of ours who have been in the rock business for decades.  It was on our 14 hour trip home we we dreamed of incorporating rocks, gemstones, crystals and minerals into our already thriving essential oil business. They fit perfectly together, and can provide you with some amazing tools to take your happiness and health to the next level.

At this time, I'm not an expert in the stone world, but I do have an undeniable love for their beauty, and a killer connection to provide you with hand picked stones from all over the world at an affordable price.

Our specialty is amethyst, and you'll see some of the best right here, but we also venture out into different quartz types, citrine, agate, and natural stone beads.  

You can find most things ready for purchase at and you can come hang in our rock community over at our Restored Rocks Facebook Page!

I invite you to join our journey where we incorporate faith, family, friendship, fun and fabulous products!

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