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Why Rocks, You Ask

Okay, I know, I know...

Why is someone who appears to be kicking network marketing's ass with doTERRA and essential oils even think of taking on another endeavor? I get it...I ask the same thing! Yes, I am kicking the pants off of something that just unexpectedly happened to me 4 years. Yes, I absolutely love it!

Yes, it's what fuels my soul watching other women (and men), just like you, combat depression, rebuild relationships, get better sleep, fight that skin condition, help their babies. There's no doubt there. But there's also no doubt that my family was made to participate in the rock business! Sounds weird, right? First of all, don't think of me as the rock expert. I have family members, from Justin's side, who have all the knowledge and expertise. In fact, they are the ones who travel the world, hand selecting most of the pieces you'll see from me. Then we have other parts of the family managing and running their super cool warehouse in Colorado. THEY are the experts...we just fell in love, and know others will too.

Justin has been a rock fanatic since he was a little boy. His entire family grew up around them. Then my boys, my precious little cowboys just light up hunting, exploring, defining, looking at all the beautiful rocks. I see them as always loving them, so how can I not accept them into our lives on a grander scale. Sure, our boys are probably destined to be in the cattle business if they want to. My husband is setting them up for success as we speak, but what if the rocks could bring them another avenue of joy? If it's even a small possibility...BRING ON THE ROCKS! Man I love those kids! So for me, it was a no brainier! Sure, I'm crazy taking on something else....but I just can't deny it! So here I am, the essential oil guru and lover of all people perfectly paired with beautiful rocks, stones, gems, minerals and crystals because they both just make us all happy!

The yin to my yang. The meat to my potatoes....well, you get the point! Blessings my friends! "Rock On!" Visit our Rock Shop Here See the awesomeness that is Essential Oils HERE

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