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I’m a city girl by birth, but a country girl at heart.  I met my cowboy husband in college and shortly thereafter moved to their family ranch, got married twice to the same man, and started our family.  I absolutely love it here!  We don’t have to worry about neighbors, only livestock, and I can run around in the most ridiculous pair of yoga pants while my boys have the option of wearing pants at all.  We’re in our own little world!

A couple of years ago, I realized I was missing something.  Don’t get me wrong, my husband and kiddos are my best friends and fulfill me to no end, but I had lost that “power.”  You know, that feeling of being important.  I know this feeling because I once held a pretty important role with a well-known financial institution.  Although you couldn’t pay me to trade what I have now for what I had then, I still longed for that feeling of purpose outside of the home.  With an unexpected introduction to essential oils and rocks and the opportunity to share with the world about their awesomeness, I was able to find that purpose, fuel my heart even more, and be a part of something beautiful and life changing to many homes around the world.

Now, I just roll with it.  Sometimes I ask the Lord if this is what I really supposed to be doing.  I have road blocks, insecurities and set backs just like you, but every time I bust through or ignore them, something beautiful is on the other side.  He reveals this to me, over and over again, so how can I say no.

I'm real, I'm honest, I'm silly, and I'm eager to help you while sharing the most important things in my life...right here!  


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I got the Peace, Peace, Peace, Peace down in my heart..
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