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Gratitude Gifts and Love for Yourself

You may, or may not, know that I've always worked with a "team." Growing up I was always part of a competitive sport and had a great relationship with my team...I was grateful for them.

In college I was a member of the Alpha Xi Delta sorority which I very well considered a team. I'm so greatful for this team because it rendered some of my best friends.

After college I went into sales. Sales of all, diamonds, financial name it. I considered my professional peers, my team, and I was grateful for them. Now, I am part of a fantastic team that LOVES like no other. We study essential oils together, use them like crazy, and then teach others how to use them too. We've seen some amazing things happen and I am so grateful for the experiences, people, leadership, friendships and fruitful gifts from the earth.

In each stage of my life, I've always searched for the perfect gift to say: Thank You

I Love You

I Appreciate You

You're Awesome Way to Go


You know, little gifts of gratitude and love.

These always seemed so hard to find for me. No journal, blanket, figurine, or little trinket ever really spoke to me. They just didn't seem personal enough, and if they did, they were super expensive...and that was a problem! Well....I've solved that problem. Recently, we received a message to start exploring the world of natural stones. Stones like Rose Quartz and Citrine. Beyond their beauty, I feel like they can send, or receive a beautiful message. These messages can be meant for yourself, an affirmation so to speak, or be customized based on the stone, to be gifted with intention to a "teammate" that means the world to you. I'm in the process of designing some beautiful pieces with a variety of stones so YOU can give the perfect gift of gratitude to your teammates. A gift that MEANS SOMETHING, comes from the heart and super affordable. It's a gift I wish I had long ago. Tonight, I took this gift to the next level with little cards that can be personalized and help you, or the recipient, connect to the stone, so the gift can be a constant reminder to feel:











I love them, and I hope you will too!

We're not quite ready do release the gift yet...but here's a little sneak peak. This ones helps you realize love and love more deeply, and share more gratitude while also feeling that others appreciate you too. It can be customized with beautiful essential oils to help heighten these emotions and make you smell super yummy!

Now that, is a gift with intention! Be looking out in the next few weeks to pick out the ones for you, or your teammates on

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